Friday, 9 August 2013

5 Situations in Which Farooq Bajwa London Solicitors Can Help You

Farooq Bajwa London Solicitors offer legal advice and guidance to their clients. In case you are in any one of the following five situations, you can consult Farooq Bajwa and his team to get rescued from all the odds that seem sarcastic right now.

  1. Having corporate issues – We all know that arranging infrastructure and other necessary resources is not just enough for setting up a company. In fact, matters such as getting approval from the government and maintaining documentation work are the added necessities that are important to be taken care of. The truth is that you cannot handle all the paper work on your own. And, that is where a solicitor comes into action.
  2. Having employment issues – If you are an employee and are currently being harassed your employer, then take assistance of an advocate to avail your legal rights.
  3. International Law Issues – If you are currently residing in the UK, but are a citizen of some other nation, then international laws are made for your secure and legal survival in the United Kingdom. If those rights are not being granted to you, then you can consult a lawyer to help you in fighting back for your right.
  4. Seeking Criminal Law assistance – Criminal cases are not only one-sided. Somewhere you are faulty and somewhere you are not a culprit. But, to prove your genuineness, Farooq Bajwa London Solicitors are needed to present your case in the courtroom.
  5. Property related issues – These issues include matter related to both tenant and landlord.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Farooq Bajwa Law Firm - Providing Legal Services to Individuals, Businesses & Corporate Clients

If you are an individual, business or corporate client, then Farooq Bajwa Law Firm is the best firm that can help you out in any kind of legal affair. You can locate their office in the UK. They have a huge clientele around the globe.

Different areas, in which they can assist you, are Corporate, Commercial, Litigation, Employment, Immigration, Defamation, Intellectual Property, Property, Criminal and International Law. They have a huge team of lawyers, who are proficient in communicating in Urdu, French, English and Hindi language.
If you feel that you are facing any kind of legal issue in context to the above-mentioned areas, then you can contact Farooq Bajwa Law Firm without any further delay.
We all require legal assistance in our life sooner or later. A landlord can require an advocate to deal with his stubborn tenant; a business manager might require a lawyer to legally fight for his or her rights; a father might need a solicitor to fairly document his will; and so on… So many reasons of our day to day life drag us towards approaching a law firm to get genuine piece of advice.
In all the odds, only finding a lawyer is not the matter of concern, but the real issue is to look out for a law firm that can help you out in the best possible way, without exploiting you or swallowing your money.
Relax! When you have Farooq Bajwa Law Firm by your side, you can stay calm that you are in good hands…

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Books Introduced by Farooq Bajwa

Recently We are introduced some books about Indo-Pak politics, War and History.

Farooq bajwa books
Pakistan: "A Historical and Contemporary Look" Revised Edition by ‪Farooq‬ ‪Bajwa‬ available at Google Book store. It is dynamic textbook that introduces secondary students to the History component of the Cambridge O level Pakistan Studies Syllabus.

Farooq Bajwa From Kutch to Tashkent
The Book "From Kutch to Tashkent" is Written by Farooq Bajwa. This Book is all about the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war, a brutal five-week conflict that involved some of the largest tank battles since the end of the Second World War.

The Causes of the Indian Revolt By Farooq BajwaThe Causes of the Indian Revolt is introduced by Syed Ahmed Khan, Farooq Bajwa (Editor). Syed Ahmed Khan was one of the leading figures of Muslim India, and the Revolt of 1857 was the defining moment of his life.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Farooq Bajwa: Have liberals lost the argument on immigration?

Watch five mints UK immigration law update video. Farooq Bajwa said about it "The liberal democrats have lost the argument on being a political party when they lied about student fees to get power".

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Farooq Bajwa London Solicitors – What Makes Them Different from other Legal Advisors?

Checking the specialty of any solicitor is important before hiring him or her. Here, in this particular piece of content, we will be discussing about the various factors that make Farooq Bajwa London Solicitors different from other legal advisors. So, let’s have a look at the following points.
Farooq Bajwa - London Law Firm

1. They are an international law firm, i.e. their clientele is not only limited to the UK, but to other parts of the world as well.

2. They are regulated & authorized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. And, they do not hesitate to mention their authorization id (492261) over their website. These are the signs of their genuineness.

3. They provide legal services to different kinds of customers. No matter you are an individual, business owner or a corporate client, you can get every possible legal advice and help from Farooq Bajwa and his team of experienced lawyers.

4. They have different public prosecutors, who are fluent in different languages such as English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and French. So, no matter in which part of the earth you reside, you can easily communicate with Farooq Bajwa, his team and can discuss your case.

5. Their areas of expertise are Commercial, Criminal, Corporate, Litigation, Immigration, Employment, Intellectual Property, Defamation, Property and International Law. So, if you are stuck in any case related to the above-mentioned issues, you can approach Farooq Bajwa London Solicitors without any further delay. I believe that these points are enough to acknowledge their superiority in the field of Law. Approach them now and get genuine advice and assistance.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Farooq Bajwa - Providing High Standard of Legal Services to Worldwide Clients

Legal assistance is something that is necessarily required once or many a time in our lifetime. No matter you are struck in some accident, theft or physical injury case; a lawyer is a person, who will actually be the only medium to safely get you out from all the legal affairs and formalities. Advocates are of different kind of experiences and specialties.

Here, in this particular piece of content, I will be telling you about Farooq Bajwa and his related offerings.

He, along with his team of experienced solicitors, provides following services to individuals and corporate clients:

1. Corporate – Assistance in setting up of the UK based limited, Not-For-Profit and offshore companies along with guidance in context to re-organization and share transfer of businesses.

2. Commercial – Drafting commercial agreements, advising related to knowing the regulatory requirements, Arbitration clauses, procedures, etc.

3. Litigation – Assistance in all civil litigation errs no matter the case is about bringing or defending a claim.

4. Employment – Drafting employment contracts, Compromise Agreements and advising business officials in matters related to transfer of staff.

5. Immigration – Advising on the basis of British Nationality Law for genuine Immigration to the UK.

6. Defamation – Coordinating with legal insurance companies and advising on merits of cases and all the possible defamation actions.

7. Intellectual Property – Suggestions regarding trademark applications, Copyright, Design Rights & Patents.

8. Property – Commercial property leases and sales.

9. Criminal – Defending criminal charges all the way from Magistrates to the High Court and assistance regarding possible criminal charges.

10. International Law - Advising on both private and public international issues related to international jurisdiction clauses in action.

After going through the above-mentioned services, do you think you need to call Farooq Bajwa?